Take advantage of your VA eligibility and purchase a home with $0 down and no monthly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). If you have disabled status, your VA Funding Fee is waived. The current VA Funding Fee for first time use is over 2% of your loan amount and is financed to the back of your loan. When using our preferred partner,Bayfield Home Loans, they can help cover your VA Funding Fee so there is no need to add thousands of dollars to your mortgage. With Bayfield Home Loans unique program, “Lender Credit,” you receive an instant rebate at settlement to help cover your VA Funding Fee. If you are funding fee exempt, you may use their “Lender Credit” to cover a portion of your closing costs.

VA First Time Home Buyer Guide

If you are a first time home buyer, we invite you to click the link below for more information on using your VA Benefits.


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